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The technological evolution of a great company.

REGGIANI SpA Illuminazione is an Italian enterprise. It was founded in Monza more than 50 years ago through the vision of the brilliant, unconventional entrepreneur Goffredo Reggiani and has grown thanks to its sound technological base and concrete approach.


Today REGGIANI is an international benchmark for the lighting sector, highly regarded for its ability to simplify complex technologies, making them easy to use, enhancing the livability of our environs illuminating them in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.


Reggiani is present in Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, the United States and China with offices — production departments, showroom and warehouses — covering an area of 110.000 m2.


Many of REGGIANI's technological innovations have become international standards:

  • 1970s: Low Voltage, the first luminaire range for low voltage halogen lamps with dichroic reflectors in Europe
  • 1980s: Downspot, the first totally extractable, fully adjustable recessed luminaires that would set a new market standard
  • 1990s: the forward-thinking use of innovative, low-energy light sources and the fixing system designed for quick and easy installation;
  • 2005: the year of the IOS (Interchangeable Optical System), the first highly efficient, practical interchangeable optical system
  • 2009: development of the Reggiani LED Luce system. For the first time in history, lighting in a megastore was provided exclusively with LED light sources – and the designers chose Reggiani LED Luce.
  • Today: REGGIANI is a pioneer in the evolution of LED technology thanks to its exceptional RE LED Luce system 




The Detas Group relies on the experience passed down from generation to generation since 1896 when in Pola (Istria), the first company was founded, manufacturing electrical components and systems. As the years passed, the production of power supplies started and Detas specialized in industrial automation, a branch still active and growing today.


In 1998 the D-POWER division was founded, active in the road safety field and pioneer in developing LED signaling devices. D-POWER is nowadays an European reference in its market thanks to continuing product innovation, patented optics, certified flashers and a range of well-known quality.


In 2008 we extended the road safety mission to lighting of tunnels, canopies and streets with the DLEDS division. The cross experience between power supplies-LEDs-optics allowed us to offer since the beginning high performing and reliable products. As the years passed, we extended the range of products to industrial, urban lighting and luminaires designed to meet specific functional lighting needs.


The DLEDS brand is a synonym of quality and reliability for our customers, with a sales network and positive references throughout the world. In our factory in Rezzato (Brescia), our lights are engineered, manufactured and tested.

Our technical department relies on years of experience and specific instruments such as an in-house goniophotometer to develop optics and photometric files, an IP and salt spray corrosion test chamber, electrical parameters meters, surge testers and chromameters.

Detas factory is under strict surveillance from the ENEC, TÜV and NRTL inspectors to maintain our quality approvals. The final quality control is completed individually after a 48 hours burn in and guarantees the maximum constancy of the delivered products.




The LUCIS Company was established in 1999 in Brno, Czech Republic. The main initiative to establish a company was the desire of producing quality Czech-origin products and, at the same time, to maintain the tradition of Czech glass-making, which is very close to the founders. The company has received a very accurate name which reflects the proper activity of the company. The word LUCIS comes from the Latin word lux which means light, bright.


LUCIS ranks among well-known European producers of interior lighting. The company is based on a first-class Czech-origin production, a team of motivated employees, a modern and timeless author's design and a wide scale of highly-usable products.

The basic values of the LUCIS company are, above all, the quality, design and originality of lighting units that are perceived as an important functional and esthetical component of the interior.


The vision of the company is to maintain and develop the tradition of Czech glass, and continues to produce high quality products of Czech origin.


From the very beginning of its existence, the LUCIS company cooperates with young Czech designers. The results of this cooperation are original lighting units presented in product catalogues. Young designers not only bring new shapes to the offer of the LUCIS company, but also new materials, such as fabrics, acryl glass and stainless steel. Thanks to this mutual cooperation, the LUCIS products are very successful on foreign and Czech exhibitions, i. e. 100% Design in London, Touch of Praha in Seoul, Designblok in Prague or in the Czech Centre in New York. LUCIS company also focuses on supporting young talented students of art schools.





PUK ITALIA GROUP s.r.l. established in 1967 in Lissone, Milan area (Italy).


Company started its activity producing decorative indoor lamps, only for the Italian market.


Anticipating the trend that during the next twenty years would have been the choice of many Italian companies, the management decided since the early 80’s to start a determinate process of internationalization; today almost the entire company turnover is generated by export activity.


At the same time, thanks to our great capacity of technological innovation, result of a constant activity of research and development, along with the experience and know-how gained during the years, the company has gradually modified its products range, choosing to focus its business on architectural lighting for outdoor  areas, which requires very high technical features of production and the use of specific materials to guarantee long-lasting life of the products offered.


The experience in over 40 years in lighting industry, together with our great passion for this world, have allowed us to develop a range of solutions to satisfy all various type of uses and the most difficult applications.

With the new millennium, the lighting market has been subjected to a deep revolution thanks to LED technology advent, still in continuous evolution. Naturally our company is in the forefront to guarantee to our clients lighting fixtures with LED always of last generation, with less and less energy consumption and increasing efficiency.


Today PUK ITALIA GROUP s.r.l. , through its brand PUK, is widely known as one of the most reliable outdoor lighting manufacturers of the international market.